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There are two ways to colour the fractal, the first is to use the HSL setting. When turned on, a bright set of colours is used. The colour hue changes through each iteration. To change the start hue value move the slider. The second way is to turn off HSL and use the colour picker to choose a start and end colour.
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Fractal Architect creates a large percentage of high quality random fractals. Fractal Architect produces many fractals which can stand alone without further editing effort, and also includes an easy-to-use complete fractal editor, that allows you to modify any fractal you select for more artistic challenge.

Fractal noise is a sum of series of a given function calls where each function call has exponentially growing arguments factor and exponentially decreasing magnitude. To get clear understanding consider this simple code example: // Apply fractal noise over the function f at given coordinates function fractalNoise(f, x, y, depth) { let sum = 0.
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  • Generate fractal images from an xml file (see below. overrides all other options except help and cmaps)--mbrot: Generate mandelbrot image (overrides cr and ci options)--cr arg: Set real component of complex constant to arg-0.4--ci arg: Set omaginary component of complex constant to arg: 0.6--width arg: Set width of image to arg: 1920--height arg
  • It seems that tessellation (millions of extra triangles generated by the graphics card based on a formula) could be very interesting in future versions of fractal generators using DirectX 11. for a nice Nvidia demo of tessellation, check the alien triangles and endless city demos if you have a big DirectX 11 card.
  • To install Ultra Fractal, simply drag it from the downloaded disk image to the Applications folder on your Mac. To start it, click the Spotlight search icon at the top-right end of the menu bar, type 'Ultra Fractal' and click the application icon that appears. Alternatively, you can locate it in the Applications folder, use the Launcher, or pin ...
  • FractalNow is a free and open-source fractal-generating software, used for creating geometric pictures of various types. It combines a command line and graphical tool known as QFractalNow to implement advanced algorithms easily and generate the corresponding images. The command-line tool can render fractal animations from scripts without a desktop.
  • GPUs were originally intended to speed up graphics, but MATLAB ® uses them to speed up computation. Fractals 1 are graphics that require extensive computation. Perfect candidates for a GPU. The GPU has renewed my interest in the Mandelbrot set itself and facilitated work with three fractal variants: the “Burning Ship,” the “tower of ...